What Should You Know About The Limu Company?

The LIMU company manufactures and markets a remarkable and unique nutritional product known as LIMU. Once started, the company immediately began expanding by adding two new product lines in less than six years.
Simultaneously, the number of people involved in LIMU increased dramatically. The products continued growing in popularity and the LIMU family of marketers became wealthier. Though the company is involved in a little regulated market, its ethics and people subscribe to the highest standards.

Gary Raser, the founder and CEO of LIMU Company had a lifelong dream of developing a superior liquid nutritional supplement. In Tonga, he stumbled on a natural supplement that the Tongans used daily to maintain good health. That substance is Fucoidan found in a plant on the ocean floor called limu moui or limu. Coincidently, Gary is a renowned member of the direct sales industry. It did not take him long to realize that with the quality of his newly found product, Limu, and his marketing experience of twenty years it might just be the combination he was seeking. He quickly perfected and patented his Limu product and using his superb marketing skills had over 9,000 applicants on opening day.

The reason these folks wanted to join Limu Company was Gary's reputation for ethical, honest work that made people money.

Since 2007, Limu has donated a percentage of sales to help support charities, with a focus on children, families, homes and community improvement.

It is the company’s mission to share the rich benefits of Fucoidan.

Limu began with a single product, Limu Original. It is comprised of an extract of the Limu plant called Fucoidan. There have been more than 850 unsolicited, third-party scientific studies that have touted the benefits of Fucoidan , as found in the rich supply from Tongan Limu moui. Limu Original is a delicious nutritional drink that generally helps to boost an individuals health and well being. From a single product, Limu Company has developed three others for a total of four Fucoidan based products.

The second product released was the Limu Original Shot. Basically it is Limu Original packaged in a two ounce pouch - handy for sharing or taking on a hike or a bike.

The next products to hit the market were the Limu Lean line. One can have a Limu Lean shake as meal replacement. Along with the products there is coaching and tips to help you make the most of Limu Lean. Limu Lean accomplishes three things, meal replacement shake, appetite control and digestive cleansing. Truly a great product.

Finally there is BLU FROG Energy. It is a delicious, Fucoidan based energy drink, jammed not only with Fucoidan but with fruits, vitamins, herbs and minerals.

LIMU Company products are natural and help to make you feel healthier. The business acumen provided to marketing members of the LIMU Company will also make you wealthier.