The Limu Company Announces New Bottle

LIMU ORIGINAL New Bottle - By The Limu Company
Revelations keep on coming and if there weren’t enough reasons to attend LIMU INCITE in Dallas March 9 - 10, The Limu Company revealed they will be unveiling a brand-new bottle for their flagship product, LIMU ORIGINAL, at their 2012 convention. Convention attendees will be the first to touch and feel the new design and for a limited number of lucky attendees, they’ll be the first to buy the new bottles. 

According to The Limu Company, these new bottles sport a new, streamlined design that looks great—always important! —but also makes them unbreakable, slimmer, and easy to carry around. The slimmer design makes these bottles an easier fit for small and delicate hands and, maybe more importantly, they’re much easier to recycle.

The Limu Company will not be selling these bottles outside of the convention for months, so convention attendees will get the exclusive first look at the new design. A limited quantity are also going to be available for purchase, but the only way to buy is to attend the show, giving attendees bragging rights and providing even more reasons to book a trip to Dallas today.