The LIMU Company: Overview

A lot of entrepreneurs in the world can be aimless. Some have no direction, no support, and no clue as to where to go with their ideas. The Limu Company offers a foundation for entrepreneur wizards to make their name, yet young professionals are sometimes wary of strong network marketing companies such as LIMU. The Limu Company is not a scam, but is indeed a legit opportunity from enthusiastic entrepreneurs all the way to stay at home moms.

The Limu Company was founded by one of the top businessman in the world today, Gary Raser. Mr. Raser remains the CEO of LIMU, heading an executive team with over 125 years of experience in the world of business. The corporate structure of LIMU, from the beginning, was based on a model that stresses profits while remaining debt-free. The company has successfully been able to carry out this model through its history with no end in sight for the future.

LIMU is proud to bring in the most brilliant thinkers and entrepreneurial minds and introduce them to a simple yet strong product category with a large potential market. The LIMU Prosperity Plan is one of the most equitable payment system of any network marketing company. Earnings potential is unlimited and provides financial independence to many already.

The Limu Company's Products

The Limu Company's product line consists of energy supplements and drinks based on Fucoidan, the essence of Tongan limu moui. This all-natural ingredient has proven benefits as revealed in over 850 independent scientific studies. Thanks to the LIMU sales team, these products are now available in 24 countries, with strong growth showing in Australia, Japan, and Canada.

The big question asked by everyone is, “What exactly is Fucoidan?” Fucoidan is the active ingredient in a natural marine plant that has been used by South Pacific islanders for over 3,000 years. The name of this plant is limu moui, thus the name of the company. The richest source of limu moui is in Tonga. Since 1970, scientists have studied limu moui, which contains not only Fucoidan, but also 70 other nutrients. Benefits of Fucoidan include anti-aging antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, and it works as an anti-viral agent.

The Limu Company's product line now consists of four separate products based on Fucoidan. The product line is as follows:

  • LIMU Original – The original liquid drink consists of 83% Fucoidan. It is neither a juice, nor a fruit. The best description is that it is a superfood.
  • LIMU Original Shot – The LIMU shot is 2 oz of original LIMU in a size easy to carry and share.
  • LIMU Lean – LIMU lean is a meal-replacement formula designed for those watching their weight.
  • LIMU Energy – This product, dubbed Blu Frog, contains a proprietary blend of Fucoidan, fruits, herbs, vitamins, and minerals.

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit or just love to meet with people and socialize, The Limu Company has an opportunity custom-made for you. Don’t let them pass you by. Become a part of the team and share in the experience of financial independence.